Mr. Tony Trongone                                                                                                  Mr. Frank Domin
Superintendent                                                                                                         Business Administartor

August, 2012


Dear Parents,


Welcome Back!  As we begin another academic year, I am not inviting you and your children “back to school,” but rather, inviting you and your children to experience an energetic and engaged Learning Community at the Berlin Community School!


At the Berlin Community School, we are excited to announce that our vision of a Learning Community which supports student academic, social, and emotional growth has been developed by:

-          Adopting new Science and Math Curriculum aligned to some of the most rigorous standards in the country.

-          Reviewing and revising our entire Language Arts program from Pre-K to 8th grade.

-          Acquiring new technology such as Mini-Dell lap-tops, SMARTboards, school-wide wireless network, and interactive data products which support “Teach-nology” - (the use of tried and true teaching methods supported by today’s most current technology tools).

-          Reaching new levels of personal best by infusing Character Education into our everyday actions, thinking, and learning.

-          Creating a clean, bright building and learning environment as the cornerstone of our Learning Community!


More so than in past years, 2012-2013 is one of great change here at BCS.  Although it was sad to say goodbye to the graduating 8th graders, the many great teachers and staff members who have left, we are looking forward to working with the newest members of our learning community.  We are excited about the student growth in academic areas as we receive data from the MAP assessment as well as the NJASK.  We are cognizant of increased student enrollment and have been deliberate in our planning.  We have added a fifth Kindergarten and fifth Second Grade classroom, and are expanding our CER and PALS programs.  Over and over again, as we welcome new families into our school community, the sentiment is always the same, “…we moved to Berlin Borough because BCS has an excellent reputation.” 


Lastly, I have enclosed a special letter for your student – please pass it along, or for the very young ones, please read the letter to your child on my behalf.  And with that, I hope you enjoy the remaining days of summer, and know that we look forward to welcoming you and your child into our Learning Community!

Tony Trongone